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Bull Point Bull Point is located in the extreme south-east of East Falkland. It is an isolated, photogenic location with gentoo and Magellanic penguins, waterfowl and wading birds, sea lions and many native plants. Maritime enthusiasts will also enjoy examining the hulk of the Craigielea, a large 3-masted barque wrecked on the western point in 1879.
Contact North Arm Farm (+500 32080) for more information and places to stay en route to Bull Point.
Travelling time from Stanley approx 5 hours.

Access: By road and off-road track, standard road access to North Arm then 4WD. Visitors are strongly recommended to hire a guide unless travelling in convoy with experienced off-road drivers.
Flora/fauna: Gentoo and Magellanic penguin, occasional sea lion sightings, white-rumped sandpiper, two-banded plover, rufous-chested dotterel, Magellanic snipe, Falkland grass wren, dark-faced ground tyrant, Falkland Pipit and Thrush, Falkland lavender, clubmoss cudweed, lady's slipper, vanilla daisy, coastal nassauvia.


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