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Elephant Beach Farm Elephant Beach Farm extends from the Port San Carlos road to the rugged north coast. Characterised by a large lagoon, the area provides excellent wildlife viewing opportunities with a large colony of gentoo penguins, raptors, shore birds and marine mammals frequently observed off-shore. The farm is also home to a large tussac restoration site, an ongoing project undertaken with the assistance of Falklands Conservation and local volunteers.
Contact Elephant Beach Farm (+500 41020 or email for details.
Travelling time from Stanley approx 2 hours.

By road. Off-road to reach the coast. Hire a guide or enjoy a tour offered by the farm.
Flora/fauna: Gentoo and Magellanic penguin, southern sea lion, Commersonís and Pealeís dolphin, variable hawk, peregrine falcon, cormorant, rufous-chested dottrell, two-banded plover, sanderling, long-tailed meadow lark, Magellanic and blackish oystercatcher.
Activities: Self-drive exploration, camping, hiking, fishing, wind surfing (byob).
Accommodation: Elephant Beach Farm self catering Ph +500 41020, Race Point Farm Ph +500 41012


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