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Kelp Point Kelp Point is an off-road destination located on Fitzroy Farm, close to Mount Pleasant. It is one of the most diverse flora and fauna sites in the Falklands, offering access to over 30 bird species, southern elephant seals, gentoo and Magellanic penguins and, with luck, the Queen of Falklands Fritillary butterfly.
Contact Fitzroy Farm (+500 32384) for permission to visit and further information.
Travelling time from Stanley approx 2 hours.

Access: By road and off-road track, standard road access to Island Harbour House. Visitors are strongly recommended to hire a guide.
Flora & fauna: Elephant seal, gentoo and Magellanic penguin, coscoroba and black-necked swan, flying steamer duck, speckled teal, silver teal, chiloe wigeon, yellow billed pintail, variable hawk, two banded plover, Magellanic snipe, dolphin and kelp gulls.
Activities: 4WD exploration, photography, hiking
Accommodation: Stanley operators


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