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Volunteer Point Volunteer Point is one of the most popular and important tourist destinations in the Falklands. The site is a cornucopia of bird activity, home to a the largest king penguin colony in the Islands as well as gentoo and Magellanic penguins, waterfowl and other birds. Volunteer Beach itself is a beautiful white sandy beach, approximately 2km long, and is where many of the penguins can be seen entering and leaving the ocean.
Contact the Falkland Islands Tourist Board (+500 22281, email, a tour guide to find out more about arranging a visit or the site warden Derek Petterson (+500 32000) or land owner Jan Cheek (+500 21372, email for permission for overnight stays.
Travelling time from Stanley approx 3 hours.

Access: By road and off-road track, standard road access to Johnson's Harbour, then 4WD required to reach the point. Visitors are strongly recommended to hire a guide unless travelling in convoy with experienced off-road drivers. The track has a succession of gates and un-marked paddocks;it is often very boggy requiring great driving skill and local knowledge and the journey may take several hours if conditions are poor. The track is usually closed between April and November to preserve its condition.
Flora/Fauna: King, gentoo and magellanic penguin, ruddy-headed goose, Falkland steamer duck, black-throated finch, dark-faced ground tyrant, Falkland pipit and thrush, Hudsonian godwit, stilt sandpiper, whimbrel.
Activities: Wildlife watching, camping, hiking, exceptional photography opportunities, guided 4WD tours
Accommodation: Camping available on-site - campers should be self-sufficient including their own water supply. Outside toilet available.


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