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Gypsy Cove Gypsy Cove is by far the easiest wildlife destination to reach from Stanley. It is a small bay with a crescent of white sand, surrounded by heathland in which Magellanic penguins make their homes. Low cliffs provide nesting grounds for rock cormoroants and black-crowned night herons whilst many wading birds, waterfowl and gulls can be observed in the area. Gypsy Cove forms part of the Stanley Common & Cape Pembroke peninsula which is a National Nature Reserve. 
Contact the Falkland Islands Tourist Board (+500 22281, email for information about tour guides.
Travelling time from Stanley approx 10 minutes.

Access: By road.
Flora/Fauna: Tussac grass, cinnamon grass, gorse, boxwood, diddle-dee, Magellanic penguin, rock cormorant black-crowned night heron, Falklands thrush, Magellanic oystercatcher, Southern giant petrel, two-banded plover, Falkland flightless steamer duck
Activities: Wildlife watching, hiking
Accommodation: Stanley operators.


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