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Port Stephens Port Stephens is situated at the extreme south-west of the Island. The rugged headland provides a breeding ground for many rockhopper and gentoo penguins. Scenic coastal walks afford superb views of the jagged shoreline and are excellent for wildlife watching. Particularly interesting features of this area are the strange rock formations known as Indian Village.
Contact Port Stephens Farm (+500 42307, email to find out more.
Direct flying time from Stanley 64 minutes.
Driving time from Port Howard approx 4 hours.

Access: By road, FIGAS
Flora/fauna: Lady's slipper, Smooth and Woolly Daisy, Vanilla Daisy, Rockhopper and gentoo penguins, sealions and fur seals, various species of water birds
Activities: Hiking, wildlife watching, photography
Accommodation: Port Stephens (self catering)
Ph +500 42307 E-mail:


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