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Bleaker Island Bleaker Island is located in the south-east of the archipelago. It is home to three species of penguin, a large imperial cormorant colony, southern giant petrels, many smaller birds, a variety of waterfowl on the ponds and is one of the few places where the rare flying steamer duck can be observed. Marine mammals are often seen offshore. The settlement is situated in the middle of the island and still operates as a cattle and sheep farm. Plenty of walking opportunities are available around the island including long sandy beaches with beautiful views. Listed as an 'Important Bird Area', the land north of the settlement is a designated national nature reserve.
Contact Bleaker Island (+500 21084 and +500 32491, email for further information about accommodation and the island.
Direct flying time from Stanley 27 minutes.

Access: FIGAS, scheduled cruise visit
Flora/fauna: Magellanic, gentoo and rockhopper penguins, imperial cormorants, sea lions, white-tufted and silvery grebe, silver teal, flying steamer ducks, yellow orchid
Activities: Walking, photography, wildlife watching
Accomodation: Cobb's Cottage and Cassard House (self catering and full board options)
Ph +500 21084 and +500 32491 E-mail:


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