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Weddell Island Weddell Island is situated to the West of West Falkland.It is the largest offshore island and home to an impressive range of flora and fauna much of which is just walking distance from the settlement. Gentoo and Magellanic penguins abound; striated and crested caracara, variable hawks and numerous small birds make their homes here whilst albatross and petrels can be observed feeding offshore. Marine mammals frequent the coastal waters; rare plants and beautiful wild flowers exist in profusion. Introduced species, Patagonian foxes and reindeer also inhabit Weddell Island. The picturesque settlement in Gull Harbour offers peace, quiet and wonderful views in all directions. It is the perfect base from which to explore this vast, captivating, majestic island which will afford the more adventurous walker a true wilderness experience.
Contact Weddell Island (+500 42398 email
Direct flying time from Stanley 64 minutes.

Access: FIGAS
Flora/fauna:gentoo penguins, several small bird species, Patagonian foxes, reindeer, tussac plantations
Activities: Photography, hiking, guided tours, wildlife watching
Accommodation: Weddell Island cottages (self catering and full board)
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