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Carcass Island is located off the north-west of West Falkland. Cat and rat free, it is haven for small birds including the endemic Cobb's Wren, dark-faced ground tyrants and tussac birds. Striated cara-caras abound. Gentoo and magellanic penguins breed on the island and many marine mammals can also be observed. Stunning white sandy beaches are situated at the southern end of the island. Carcass Island Farmhouse is surrounded by palm trees and colourful blooms.

Flora/fauna: Several small bird species including Cobb’s Wren, blacked-chinned siskin and Falkland thrush; Magellanic and gentoo penguins; Peale’s dolphin; fuchsia, gorse and cypress around the settlement
Activities: Walking, photogrpahy, birdwatching, sit or stroll around the pretty gardens, traditional Falkland Island tea and cakes in the farmhouse


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