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New Island is located off Weddell Island in the far west of the archipelago. The most remote of all the inhabited islands in the Falklands archipelago, New Island is a popular destination for small expedition ships who enjoy the stunning scenery, birdwatching, offshore dolphin sightings, as well as penguins, sea lions and fur seals. The entire island is a Nature Reserve and is home to over 40 of the Falklands’ breeding bird species. Ship passengers land steps away from one of the oldest building in the Falklands; built in 1812-13, the Charles Barnard building, having been carefully restored now houses a small museum and visitor centre.

Flora/fauna: Thin-billed prion, black-browed albatross, peregrine falcon, South American fur seal, lady’s slipper, vanilla daisy and other endemic plant species
Activites: Birdwatching, walking, photography


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