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Saunders Island is situated north of West Falkand. It is the second largest offshore island in the archipelago and is a working sheep farm. Port Egmont was chosen as the site for the first British settlement on the Islands. Rich in wildlife and history the island boasts four species of breeding penguin (gentoo, king, magellanic, rockhopper) and a spectacular black-browed albatross colony on its northern cliffs, the Rookery. The Neck, located on a narrow isthmus of sand, is frequently visited by Commerson's and Peale's dolphins and many seabird species. The combination of wildlife and natural, scenic beauty afford some of the best photography opportunities in the World.

Flora/fauna: Black-browed albatross and rockhopper penguin colonies, gentoo, magellanic and king penguins, endemic plant species including silvery buttercup and hairy daisy, four native orchid species
Activities: Birdwatching, walking, photography


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