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Sea Lion Island is situated to the south of East Falkland. Beautiful tussac plantations cover one fifth of the island and provide a perfect habitat and protection for much of the islandís varied fauna, including elephant seals and sea lions. Besides the tussac, there are sand beaches, cliffs, freshwater ponds and heathland, all with their own wildlife. The 47 different species of breeding birds to be viewed on the island include four species of breeding penguins and five different birds of prey. Every year brings exciting sightings of vagrants. Pods of killer whales circle the island in pursuit of the elephant seals and sea lions that breed there. Leopard seals and larger whales are also seen from time to time.

orcas, southern sea lions, southern elephant seals, several bird species including eight resident songbirds, four species of breeding penguin, water fowl and wading birds, tussac plantations
Activities: Wildlife watching, walking, photography


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