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Less than an hour from Stanley, this award-winning tour (Seatrade’s "Shore Excursion of the Year 2009”) takes you to the Lagoon at Bluff Cove Farm; a privately owned wildlife haven. Visitors can walk around the rookeries, home to 1,000 breeding pairs of Gentoo penguins and a growing colony of King penguins, and can stroll along the white sandy beach, watching out for sea lions and dolphins often seen swimming in the surf. The Lagoon is also home to the Sea Cabbage Cafe and Bluff Cove Museum. Enjoy complimentary tea, coffee, hot chocolate and delicious home-baked treats (featuring scones with Diddle-dee jam, butter and cream, all made on the farm) in the café which is heated by a traditional peat stove. Learn more about the Islands history and wildlife in the museum and also from the tour guides and rangers on site.

Length of tour
: 3 hours
How to book the tour: Book with the cruise director/onboard shore excursion manager


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