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For the nature enthusiast, this is an exclusive opportunity to view Falkland Islands wildlife and flora. Passengers will be transported from the Jetty Visitors Centre by mini bus to nearby Whalebone Cove; where the walk will begin. This tour entails 3.5 miles of brisk walking over uneven terrain, so passengers must be physically able. This walk is classed as strenuous due to the rough terrain. The expert guide will distribute a specially tour specific illustrated checklist, give a general background to Falkland wildlife in particular what might be seen on this tour. Spectacular views of Stanley and the surroundings can be seen at various points of the tour. Warm clothing and strong, sensible footwear but also sunscreen are essential for this tour.

Length of tour
: 3 hours
How to book the tour: Book with the cruise director/onboard shore excursion manager


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