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Situated 20 miles from Stanley as the crow flies, Long Island farm is a popular destination for cruise passengers and day trippers. 6th generation Falkland Islanders Neil and Glenda Watson continue to farm their 22,000 acre property in traditional Falkland style, using locally bred dogs and horses to gather their sheep from as far afield as Mount Longdon near Stanley. Peat is still the preferred fuel for cooking and heating, and the farm produces its own milk, bread, butter and cream.

Guests are escorted from Stanley to Long Island with a professional guide. This journey takes approximately 1 hour by bus, during which time guests will have the opportunity to pass through and learn about several key battlefields from the 1982 Conflict between Britain and Argentina. On arrival at the farm, guests will be treated to several demonstrations of traditional Falklands' farm work, including peat cutting, sheep shearing, sheep herding using sheep dogs, and saddling horses for work using traditional Falklands gear. Tea and snacks are also available to guests in the Watson's home.

Length of tour: 4 hours
How to book the tour:
- Book it through your cruise director/onboard shore excursion manager


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