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Located on Murrell Farm and shadowed by Mount Lowe, this tour offers guests the chance to see the rare rockhopper penguin whilst still allowing time to explore Stanley or organise a second tour.
Guests are collected in Stanley by an experienced driver/guide and transported to the rockhopper colony just 60 minutes drive by 4WD. The tour will pass through Moody Brook (the former location of the British Royal Marines, Naval Party 901), before heading over Wireless Ridge and the trout-rich Murrell River. Once off-road you will head across open peat moorland, home to many small bird species which nest in native grasses and shrubs.

On arrival at the colony you will be greeted by approximately 400 rockhoppers in various stages of domestic activity. The male rockhoppers typically return to the Islands in early October, and the females usually one week later. Eggs are laid in early November and hatch in early December, with parents then sharing brood-minding duties for approximately 25 days. Late January is a fine time to visit, with the chicks beginning to form creches (nurseries), which roam about the colony annoying the adult birds and providing entertainment for visitors. By May, most rockhoppers will have returned to sea, heading northwards towards the Patagonian shelf to forage for the winter months. A warden/guide will remain on-site at all times, and refreshments and public amenities are also available.

Length of tour:
3 hours
How to book the tour:- Book it through your cruise director/onboard shore excursion manager


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