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Volunteer Point is one of the most popular and important tourist destinations in the Falklands. The site is a cornucopia of bird activity, home to king, gentoo and Magellanic penguins as well as waterfowl and endemic subspecies like the dark-faced ground tyrant, Falkland pipit and thrush. In 2006/07, Falklands Conservation counted approximately 750 adult king penguins and 550 chicks, making Volunteer Point the largest, most accessible king penguin colony in the world outside of South Georgia.

Visitors s will be collected by an experienced driver/guide in Stanley and transported by 4WD, firstly by road to Johnson's Harbour Farm and then overland to the Point. This latter part of the journey is over sometimes boggy terrain but is an experience that most visitors greatly enjoy. On arrival at the beach, there is ample opportunity to wander about the penguin colonies, all existing within metres of one and other. The site features basic shelter and bathroom facilities for visitor use.

Length of tour:: 7 hours
How to book the tour: Book with your cruise director/onboard shore excursion manager or hire a local guide


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