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Mount Usborne is the highest point in the Falklands at 705m (2312ft). The base of the mountain is a long walk from the road - allow at least one hour. Ceritos Arroyo is a good route to follow with Ceritos Corral providing an excellent snack-stop en route. Alternatively it is possible to off-road to shorten the walking distance using a variety of fairly well-marked routes which stop just short of the base. Some Islanders drive all the way to the top! The ground is a mix of boggy terrain and many long, difficult-to-cross stone runs but the views from the top on a clear day are extremely rewarding, stretching across Lafonia and out towards the hills of West Falkland. There are two summits. Just a few metres to the north of the main summit is a wonderful view over Black Tarn.

A trip up Usborne should never be under-estimated - ALWAYS take local advice about off-roading and walking options. Allow a whole day to reach the summit and ensure that some-one will be aware of your return.

Contact Goose Green Farm (+500 32270) for permission to access land.


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