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The Warrah is a relatively short, but in places wide, river with a reputation for the size and quality of its fish rather than large quantities. It rises in the foothills of Mount Robinson and Muffler Jack Mountains in the north of West Falkland and runs north-eastwards for around 20 miles to the sea.

The runs, flats and pools can be difficult to read for inexperienced fishers. Green Hill Stream is the only large tributary, above Green Hill bridge on the Port Howard-Chartres road. It has many good pools for fishing, joining the Warrah at Junction Pool. The Warrah itself is excellent for a few miles in each direction of Junction Pool.

Access: Can be arranged through Port Howard Lodge or contact the Falkland Islands Tourist Board or your accommodation provider for details of land-owners.
Accommodation: Crooked Inlet Farm, Port Howard, Little Chartres


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