Getting around

Air Service (FIGAS)

Moving between destinations is half the fun of travelling in the Falklands, and no visit is complete without a flight (or two) with the Falkland Islands Government Air Service (FIGAS). FIGAS operates a fleet of five Britten Norman Islander aircraft to 29 destinations across the archipelago from Stanley Airport - just five minutes drive from the centre of town.

Services on offer

FIGAS operates a range of services for tourists and residents:

  • Daily "on demand" flights
  • Air charters
  • LAN transfers (Saturdays only)
  • Round-robin flights

"On demand" flights

FIGAS operates a convenient "on demand" air service from Stanley Airport for tourists and residents. Flights are available 7 days a week during the summer tourist season (October to March), and 5 days a week during the winter months (April to September). During summer, flights depart from Stanley at the following times:

  • UP to two early morning flights with a fixed departure time of 8.30am covering flights to all destinations
  • Up to two flights following on with variable departure times at or earlier than 12.00 mid-day subject to customer demands. This will cover flights to all destinations.
  • One afternoon flight to follow in with a variable departure time at or earlier than 15.30pm, subject to customer demand. This will cover East to West destinations.
  • In addition, during the summer season only, there will be, subject to demand, a late afternoon follow on flight.
  • Please note: Departure times may vary according to operational requirements and weather


East Falklands West Falklands
Bleaker Island Albermarle
Darwin Carcass Island
Douglas Station Chartres
George Island Dunnose Head
Lively Island Fox Bay
Mt Pleasant Hill Cove
North Arm Pebble Island
Port San Carlos Port Edgar
Salvador Port Howard
San Carlos Port Stevens
Sea Lion Island Roy Cove
Speedwell Island Weddell Island
Walker Creek

Air charters

FIGAS offers commercial air charters for individuals and groups. Charter flights allow greater flexibility for those with specific needs (such as media and tour groups moving large amounts of equipment and people), as well as catering for individuals and couples who wish to maximise their time on the ground at particular destinations.

LAN transfers

If you want to start your Falklands adventure as soon as you arrive in the Islands, enquire about a LAN transfer flight. Only available during the summer season, transfer flights connect with the weekly LAN flight from nearby South America, conveniently transferring passengers to a range of final destinations. Seats on the LAN Transfer should be booked in advance to avoid disappointment.

Round-robin flights

For those who simply wish to see the rugged beauty of the Falklands by air, FIGAS also offers round-robin flight excursions. Round-robins allow passengers to travel on a shuttle flight over its entire journey, visiting a variety of Camp destinations along the way. Round-robin flights are sold on a space-available basis, and passengers should note that it is not possible to disembark at the various airstrips along the way.

Bookings and check-in

We recommend booking your FIGAS service well in advance to avoid disappointment due to limited seat availability during peak operational periods (particularly summer). To book you can either contact FIGAS directly or your Falkland Islands or international travel agent can make your booking as part of a larger itinerary.

Flight departures and check-in times are only advised the day prior to flying. To find out what time you are scheduled to depart, either check with your accommodation provider, or listen to the daily flights announcement on the Falkland Islands Radio Service after the 6pm news. A fax-back service is also available by calling +500 27500 from a fax machine.

Luggage allowances

FIGAS offers a personal luggage allowance of 20kg per person. Individual pieces cannot exceed 25kg, and passengers may be asked to re-pack in the event that luggage exceeds these limits. Excess luggage (over the 20kg) allowance is charged at a rate of £1/kg per person, per sector flown (for example; Stanley - Pebble Island - Carcass Island - Stanley is equivalent to three chargeable sectors). Passengers should be prepared to pay for any excess luggage at check-in, or on their return to Stanley (whichever is relevant). Hand luggage should also be kept to a minimum and counts towards the 20kg personal allowance. Appropriate hand luggage items include small handbags, camera cases or daypacks that can be comfortably accommodated on your lap. For payment options and more information, contact FIGAS or your travel agent.

Scenic flights

Scenic Flights are an option for those with very little time in the Islands; aimed mainly at cruise ship passengers.

Contact FIGAS

Falkland Islands Government Air Service (FIGAS)
Stanley Airport
Airport Road
Falkland Islands FIQQ 1ZZ
Reservations: +500 27219
Fax: +500 27302
Flights fax back: +500 27500 (call this number from a fax machine to receive flight times for the following day)