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Walking options range from short strolls along the streets of Stanley or settlement exploration to hiking the hills or coastlines for a whole day. Around the archipelago there are marvellous opportunities to get away from it all to appreciate the beauty of the surroundings accompanied by the natural sounds of the wildlife and the wind. The sense of isolation makes hiking a really special experience, as well as inquisitive wildlife, unusual plants, the colours of lichen which cover rock surfaces, discoveries of remants of battlefields or that fantastic view from the summit of a hill. It is highly unusual to meet other humans in many places; this does mean that it is important that walkers inform someone of their plans for safety's sake.

A map of Stanley is printed inside the Falkland Island Tourist Board "Visitor Guide" and can be obtained from the Jetty Visitor Centre. 1.50,000 maps of the Islands are available from the Museum. Minefields may be encountered in some areas, around Stanley in particular, but all are very clearly fenced and marked; there have been no civilian casualties. However, it is important to note that it is illegal to enter a minefield and remove minefield signage; also in the rare event of finding a suspect item outside a minefield it MUST be reported to the Bomb Disposal Unit (73613 or 53939) or the police (28100) and, of course, NOT TOUCHED.

Hikers should be equipped with clothing to cope with rapidly changing weather conditions, particularly if the walk is away from the Stanley area. Sunscreen and lip salve are advisable; waterproof and walking boots essential if heading to the hills or for even just a half day out. Weather forecasts can generally be obtained from accommodation providers, by listening to local radio or from

Please check the Countryside Code if heading away from the streets of Stanley. Camping enthusiasts can plan more adventurous expeditions to travel further afield.

Hill walking enthusiasts may wish to scale the Falklands highest peaks:

Mount Usborne

Mount Usborne is the highest point in the Falklands at 705m (2312ft). The base of the mountain is a long walk from the road ... Read more ...

Mount Adam

At 700m (2297ft) Mount Adam is the highest point of West Falkland. It is one of the Hill Cove mountains running from Hells Kitchen in the west. Read more ...

Mount Maria

Mount Maria, at 658m (2158ft) is the third highest mountain in the archipelago and a popular hill climb for visitors to Port Howard in West Falkland. Read more ...

Visitors to the northern and western outer islands may like to seek out the highest points:

Weddell Mountain, Weddell Island

A walk up Mount Weddell on Weddell Island makes an excellent day's outing. At 383m (1256ft), this may not be a serious climb ... Read more ...

First Mountain, Pebble Island

First Mountain, 277m (909ft), is the tallest of three mountains at the west end of Pebble Island. Read more ...

Mount Byng, Carcass Island

Mount Byng South, 220m (723ft) and its slightly smaller neighbour Mount Byng are the highest points of Carcass Island. Read more ...

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