The Great Outdoors


The Falklands Target shooting scene is very strong with the Falkland Islands sending teams to UK based and multisport competitions dating back to the Brisbane Commonwealth Games in 1982.

Practical Details

Important Information - Falkland Islands Law

The Falkland Islands Firearms and Ammunition Ordinance 1987 allows for:

  • The importation of selected firearms, pending approval of the Chief Police Officer
  • The use of authorised firearms on approved areas, by approved organisations without the need of a firearms certificate
  • Shooting on open land, other than in the area around Stanley, is permitted under the ordinance dependent on calibre of the weapon, permission of the landowner and whether the land is open to public access

The Royal Falkland Islands Police (RFIP) has a reciprocal agreement with UK authorities for a 1 for 1 issuing of a local firearms certificate. Importation of firearms is relatively simple - contact the RFIP Firearms Licensing Sergeant, Sgt Tom Whistler,

Target Shooting - Local Clubs

The Falklands Rifle Club offer full bore rifle shooting at their 1000m range based at Rookery Bay, just outside Stanley. The club meets most Sundays in summer with various shoots on offer.

The Falkland Gun Club ( offers practical pistol, precision pistol, small bore rifle (.22), all air disciplines and all clay target disciplines. Their Phillips Point Range, again just outside Stanley is set up for Skeet (Olympic, English and American), Trap (ABT/Wobble and DTL) and English Sporting (simulated game and FITASC). The Club meets most Sundays year round and has regular shoots on Wednesday during the summer season (October to March).
For more information contact the Chairman of the Falkland Gun Club, Steve Dent:

Both clubs are approved under the Firearms and Ammunition Ordinance and as such, visitors, for a small temporary membership fee, can shoot without a licence. Both clubs have club firearms that are available for a small fee.

The Falkland Gun Club offer free membership to HM forces personnel based on the Falkland Islands.

Game Shooting

Game shooting takes place in stunning environments and is very challenging, however opportunities are limited. All shooting is rough or wing shooting with no recognised driven shoots available at present. The majority of bird species in the Falkland Islands are protected by law so visitors to the Islands should be accompanied by a Falkland Island guide to ensure correct identification. Bag limits may be set for some species. The Environmental Planning Department also ask that they are informed about the number of each species shot this will be organised by the local guide. Some mammals such as rabbits, hares and foxes can also be shot with authorised guidance.
Further information about game shooting can be obtained from the Secretary of the Falkland Islands Wingshooters Association, Beth Reid:

Local company, Shooting Solutions,, specialise in assisting shooters with the importation of ammunition and firearms. Shooting Solutions also offer a package that can include either clay target shooting or practical pistol shooting and will support game shooters. Their services are aimed at day visitors, including cruise passengers, and long stay visitors including military personnel.