Need to know

Entry and Exit requirements

To cater for the differing needs of tourists arriving by air and sea, the Falkland Islands Customs and Immigration Department have developed two separate sets of entry and exit requirements.

Land-based Visitors

All international land-based visitors entering the Falkland Islands must possess:
  • A current passport, valid for the length of intended stay
  • A return ticket (air or boat passage)
  • Evidence of pre-booked accommodation
  • Evidence of sufficient personal funds to cover the length of intended stay
  • Pre-arranged visitor's visa, if required

  • In addition, all international land-based visitors should be prepared to:
  • Pay a departure tax on departure from a Falkland Islands airport - currently £22 for LAN passengers (already included in the MOD fare); payable in £FKP, £GB, €, or $US
  • Note - the tax may also be pre-paid in Stanley at the offices of the Customs and Immigration Department.

    Cruise Passengers

    All international visitors entering the Falklands as part of a cruise must posses:
  • A current passport, valid for the length of intended stay in Falklands' waters
  • Pre-arranged visitor's visa, if required and ONLY IF additional days are to be spent in the Falkland Islands before or after the cruise

  • Also, cruise visitors should be prepared to:
  • Carry ashore any necessary medications or drug prescriptions in the event you cannot return to your vessel to collect these items
  • Carry photographic identification ashore - especially if intending to withdraw funds from the bank (Examples of acceptable ID include a current driver's licence, passport, or similar international travel document)

  • All Visitors

    All visitors
    should be prepared to pay for any medical services received whilst in the Falklands except residents of the UK for whom a reciprocal agreement applies.

    All visitors are also strongly recommended to take out valid travel insurance (policy to include coverage for medical evacuation by air-lift to a third country, as well as repatriation and air ambulance costs to the value of at least US$200,000).