The Great Outdoors

Farm Life

Farm Life Most farms offer the chance to view and some to participate in farm life first-hand. Sheep shearing and sheep herding using dogs happen on all farms - the latter also usually involving quadbikes on which the dogs enjoy a well-deserved lift home after a hard day's work providing a great photo opportunity. Orphaned lambs need feeding - a treat for a visiting child!

Some farms continue to cut peat for fuel and may be keen for any helper to cut or rickle (build stacks of peat sods to dry) more. A few farms also keep cattle; some carry out daily milking by hand. For many families, home baking and bread making are the norm with some still making their own butter. Vegetable gardens can be extensive with the produce pickled and preserved at the end of summer.

Staying on a Falklands farm in any type of accommodation provides a taste of times past and an understanding of the day to day activities driven by a farming calendar. Remote locations depend on monthly supplies from the inter-islands shipping service whilst the Government Air Service delivers visitors, post, top-up supplies and occasional items of gossip that have not yet been communicated by electronic means! A visit to the Falklands is not complete without a stay on farm to appreciate this aspect of Islands life.