Beautifully crafted goods, hand-made in the Falklands are available from gift shops in Stanley and some tourist accommodations around the Camp. These range from delicately produced felt items to robust leather goods. Jewellery features the local semi-precious, pretty opaque pebbles, woollen garments are knitted from soft Falkland's wool to suit a variety of tastes, wooden souvenirs are crafted from salvaged shipwrecks and driftwood whilst local artwork depicts land and sea-scapes, wildlife and historical attractions. Collectors will enjoy seeking out stamps, coins and medallions.

Gift shops in Stanley include "The Boathouse Gallery", "Capstan Gift Shop", "Falkland Collectibles", "Harbour View Gift Shop", "Kandy Kabin" (with pick 'n' mix sweets also), "The Pink Shop", "The POD Gift Shop" and "Studio 52".

Supermarkets and the market garden, "Stanley Growers", offer a wide range of local fresh produce including meat, fish, eggs and (in season) locally grown vegetables as well as international food products, fine wines, beers and spirits. Stanley's supermarkets are the "Chandlery", "Kelper Stores" and "West Store".

Electrical items, cameras, computers and their consumables can be purchased from the "FIC electrical department" and "Saddle Direct".

Download or look at the Stanley map to find a list of shopping and services in Stanley.

Around the Camp, shops are few and far between. Some accommodation providers sell a small range of souvenirs and camp stores in larger settlements stock foodstuffs. Visitors planning a self-catering stay outside Stanley are recommended to take food with them, or check the availability and opening hours of Camp stores very carefully.