Brochures and Guides

Brochures and Guides

Download various FITB publications and read more about the Islands at your leisure. This section includes our Visitor and Accommodation Guides, harbour information and tide tables, a variety of fact sheets, archipelago and Stanley maps plus a number of specialist brochures.

Please contact the Falkland Islands Tourist Board on if you cannot find what you are looking for.

Published annually by the Tourist Board, the Visitor Guide provides current information on events, activities, attractions, must-know visitor information, vital statistics, and much more...

Visitor guide in English (2.6MB PDF)
Visitor guide in German (2.6MB PDF)
Visitor guide in Spanish (2.6MB PDF)

"Best of the Falklands (1.4Mb PDF)" is a joint publication between the Tourist Board and the Penguin News which asked Falkland residents "where and how would you spend your ideal weekend in the Falkland Islands?"

Footprint Falkland Islands (2.3Mb PDF) is a mini-guide to the Falklands produced in conjunction with Footprint Handbooks and Wanderlust magazine. Excellent reading for visitors from outside the Islands to gain an insight on what the Falklands have to offer and advice about how to make it happen!

Harbour Information (5.1MB PDF) is published by the Falkland Islands Fisheries Department and contains essential information for anyone wishing to arrive by private yacht.
Also published by the Fisheries Department, Tide Tables give information about tides around the Islands. Please note that times are given in GMT.

Fact Sheets

Falkland Islands Fact Sheet (970kb PDF) - essential visitor information including how to get here, travel around, money matters, communications, medical services etc.

Trout fishing Guidelines, Falkland Islands (1.1mb) - essential information for anyone interested in fishing in the Islands.

MPA information sheet (PDF 4.25 MB) - ideas for easy day trips around East Falkland and suggestions for short breaks further afield aimed at those working at Mount Pleasant.


Make the most of your time in Stanley with a full-colour map
Town map in English (2.3MB PDF)
Town map in German (2.3MB PDF)
Town map in Spanish (2.7MB PDF)

Plan a trip around the islands using our archipelago map (770kb)


Download the Wildlife calendar produced by Falklands Conservation to find out what you can see and when (345kB)

Keep count of the many bird species you'll encounter during your travels with our Bird checklist (260kB)

Destination specific

Also produced by Falklands Conservation, the following brochures provide an in-depth look at a selection of key tourism and Important Bird Life areas:
Gypsy Cove, East Falkland (900kb)
Volunteer Point, East Falkland (600kb)

More brochures like these for other destinations can be found on the Falklands Conservation website,

Miscellaneous Interest

Official Falkland Islands flag (56kb PNG)
Official Falkland Islands Coat of Arms (130kb PNG)

**Please note that you will need a PDF reader installed on your computer to view and print some of the above documents. Visit