Trade area

Trade area

Introduction to the Training Programme

The Falkland Islands Tourist Board has created an online training programme for travel agents world-wide. Comprising 5 Modules, the content covers travel to and from the Islands, services, visitor information, a brief look at history and geography, descriptions of key sites and destinations as well as sample itineraries. Modules 1-4 are followed by a short quiz to demonstrate your acquired knowledge. Module 5 is followed by an overall evaluation which involves 3 tasks in which you must create an itinerary for a specified client type. Plan to spend from 1 to 3 hours on each module.

Why Complete the Training?
By completing the training programme you will be able to expand your client base as well as offer an exciting new destination to your current clients. If you already sell the Falkland Islands, it will allow to enhance your offering and encourage return visits. Either way, becoming an expert on the Falkland Islands tourism product will only add to your resources, creativity and enjoyment of the global tourism market.

Training Incentives
Completing the training entitles you to use FITB-related logos on your website, e-mails and product literature.

Module 1: About the Falkland Islands

Module 2: Stanley and East Falkland

Module 3: West Falkland

Module 4: Outer Islands

Module 5: Putting it together