Knowledgeable, local guides offer fascinating and informative trips with a love for the islands that is infectious. Visitors to Stanley, whether just for a day from a cruise vessel or on a longer land-based tour, can take trips around the capital of Stanley by foot or vehicle, or venture beyond the city limits for a wider experience of the islands' spectacular flora, fauna, history and culture. Elsewhere in the islands, many accommodation providers offer tours to nearby places of interest including wildlife colonies and key historical sites.

Cruise passengers will undoubtedly be offered a range of choices on-board ship. To avoid disappointment we recommend booking tours with the cruise director or on-board excursion manager. However, it is also possible to contact a tour guide in advance of visiting and be collected on arrival. Arrangements can sometimes be made once ashore but on busy days, guides are in great demand so pre-booking is the only way to guarantee a tour. Please note that some shore excursions are exclusively available by booking on-board and are across privately owned land; guides can only offer tours where they have right of access.

Types of Tours

Tours are offered based around these themes:

Battlefield Tours

Battlefield tours around Stanley incorporate some or all of the hills made famous during the 1982 war including Mt Tumbledown, Mt Longdon, Mt Harriet, the Two Sisters and Wireless Ridge. Memorials and Monuments can be found at most of these sites, and there is still evidence of the conflict on the ground including man-made bunkers and fox holes, used munitions and the occasional field kitchen. Other frequently visited sites around East Falkland are Darwin / Goose Green (site of the first major battle, memorials for 2 Para, Colonel H Jones and the Argentine cemetery), San Carlos (site of the British landing, British cemetery, small museum and nearby Ajax Bay, the field hospital) and Fitzroy (memorials for the Welsh Guards and Royal Fleet Auxiliary).

Elsewhere in the Islands are other important memorials and battlefields; tours can usually be arranged with the local accommodation provider.

History Tours and trails

Tours of Stanley can be customised to focus on historical features including a visit to the museum. Choose to travel by vehicle or on foot. Ask at other destinations in the Islands to take in places of historical interest in the area.

Stanley Town Tours

A guided tour of the colourful capital is great way to see all the key features. Walking and vehicle tours can be arranged. Guides will point out major points of interest like the Christ Church Anglican Cathedral, Whalebone Arch, Jubilee Villas, St Mary’s Catholic Church, Tabernacle Church, Victory Green, Royal Falkland Islands Police Station, Town Hall, public bank, Government House, the Community School, 1982 Liberation Memorial and the fascinating whalebone display. Guided town tours also provide the opportunity to meet local people and chat to them about their day to day life. Visitors from large cruise vessels will usually find a range of tours on offer by bus or contact a tour guide for a personal, customised tour.

Wildlife walks and excursions

 Majestic Kings, feisty Rockhoppers, Gentoo and Magellanic penguins and a plethora of other flora and fauna can be seen on tours from Stanley but need to be carefully chosen if a particular species is important. Gypsy Cove is situated just a few miles from central Stanley and is home to a Magellanic penguin colony. Elsewhere in the islands, accommodation providers usually offer tours to local wildlife colonies. Most of these tours offer the additional experience of overland driving the Falklands way though walking tours can also be arranged. Wildlife experiences are guaranteed and with a lack of viewing platforms and physical barriers in many locations, the up-close-and-personal experience is second to none.

Boat Trips

Boat trips can also be undertaken to better observe marine life including whale watching tours and, at dusk, the sight of thousands of sooty shearwaters feeding at the surface of the ocean. These tours also provide excellent opportunities to view penguin colonies, shipwrecks and the Stanley shoreline from a different perspective, particularly for land-based visitors who do not get the chance to experience this on a tender ride.

If the tour includes watching wildlife, remember the wildlife is in a natural environment. Please read the Countryside Code to ensure a great experience, respecting the wildlife by remaining a distance of at least 6 metres (20 feet) away.

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* Tours listed are for operational purposes only. The Falkland Islands Tourist Board takes no responsibility for actual tours provided as they are provided by third party companies.