There's always a lot happening in the Falklands. Sports, shows, races, parades and balls occupy places in an annual calendar. Other events and competitions are organised throughout the year - darts, dancing and off-road driving are popular, murder dinners and theatrical productions take place on a regular basis and charitable organisations arrange a variety of fund-raising activities. Spectator events including sports, races and parades are an excellent opportunity for visitors to the Islands to gain a taste of "Island life”. Other occasions may be ticketed but, subject to availability of course, visitors are always welcome to attend.

The calendar below shows annual events and is updated periodically with additional information. The "Penguin News", published every Friday (available online) has details of up-and-coming events.

Calendar 2014

21st April: Queen's Birthday Parade - Victory Green, Ross Road, Stanley (Public Holiday)

23rd May [TBC]: May Ball - Town Hall, Ross Road, Stanley

14th June:
Liberation Day - Christ Church Cathedral, 1982 Memorial, Ross Road, Stanley (Public Holiday)

July (date tbc): Winter Ball - FIDF Hall, Stanley

6th October: Peat Cutting Monday (Public Holiday)

8th December:
Battle Day Parade - Christ Church Cathedral, Battle Day Memorial, Ross Road, Stanley (Public Holiday)

24th December: Carols around the Whalebone Arch - Arch Green, Ross Road, Stanley; 6.00 - 7.00 pm

26th & 27th December: Stanley Sports Association Race Meeting - Stanley Racecourse (Public Holiday); all day

28th December: Gymkhana and fun Events at Stanley Sports Association Race Meeting - Stanley Racecourse; all day

30th &31st December:
Government Public Holidays