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  • How to Holiday in the Falkland Islands

    How to Holiday in the Falkland Islands

    These days, it’s increasingly difficult to find somewhere new, off-the-beaten-track, exciting, but still safe to visit.  The Falklands offers all these.  Visit the Falklands and you’ll be just one of around 2,000 overnight tourists that take the trip each year.  Over half of these have been before, and there’s a reason for that – it’s a great place to holiday!

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  • Extraordinary East Falklands!

    Extraordinary East Falklands!

    All too often, visitors to the Falkland Islands land at Mount Pleasant, and immediately take off to the outer islands.  However, East Falklands is rich in wildlife and history.  No flights are required, just hop in a vehicle and explore!  Whether you visit the Falklands in the summer or in the winter, it’s always open!

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