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Carcass Island

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Carcass Island


Named after HMS Carcass which visited in the late 18th century, Carcass Island is located in the northwest of the Falklands archipelago. The terrain is varied with rocky ridges, steep cliffs, open plains, white sand beaches and pretty coves. The highest point is Mount Byng at 213m (700 feet). Carcass Island is a carefully managed farm with sheep and cattle. It is an important bird area with many ground nesting birds including the endemic Cobbs’s wren and songbirds such as the tussac bird, ground tyrant, pipit, thrush, long-tailed meadowlark and grass wren. Gentoo and Magellanic penguins breed on the Island and there are many striated caracaras.

Visitor accommodation is available at Carcass Island House.

To visit West Point Island from Carcass, take a short ferry trip on the SeaquestThis is a beautiful day out, with the ferry usually leaving in the morning and returning in the afternoon.  It is also a great opportunity to spot dolphins and other sea life!  Bookings can be made through Carcass Island House.




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