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Island Inspiration

  1. Falklands Life
    Living in such a remote location gives the Falklanders a culture and lifestyle that is uniquely theirs. Sheep farming is a staple across the Islands, and home baking and cooking with seasonal, local produce a way of life. During down times, festivals, events and celebrations are keenly anticipated - all visitors are welcome!
  2. History & Heritage
    Falklands' heritage has been shaped by its maritime history (more than 100 ships met their grisly fate off the Falkland shores due to fierce storms and submerged rocks) and early settlers created many of the stone corrals and turf walls that can still be seen today. Its farming past can be seen in local museums while farming today is ever present all over the Islands.
  3. Falklands Flora
    Plants in the Falklands have adapted to this unique environment and around half of all the flora is native to the Islands. The Pale Maiden is the Falklands' national flower, while the familiar and tough tussac grasses are important habitat for wildlife.
  4. Sustainable Travel
    As the world works towards meeting net zero goals, the Falkland Islands are playing their part in preserving the Islands' pristine wilderness and conserving the habitats of its resident wildlife along sustainable principles. The Green Seal initiative is a commitment to ensure all tourism activities are sustainable and regenerative to support a healthy, unpolluted future for the planet.

Falklands Blog

Get to know the real Falkland Islands with the experiences of the people who live here and the visitors who love here.