Kayaking in the Falkland Islands is a perfect half day tour to see nature in a different way and experience.

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  1. Bird Watching
    The Falkland Islands offer an unparalleled and unique bird watching experience. Huge colonies of iconic penguin species share their world with magnificent albatrosses and southern giant petrels, while cormorants breed on the Islands. The striated caracara, locally referred as Johnny rook, an infamous bird of prey known for its inquisitiveness around people.
  2. Penguins
    The Falkland Islands are home to many best-loved species - the iconic king penguin, the feisty rockhopper and the noisy gentoos to name but a few. Find out the best places to view them all!
  3. Walking & Hiking
    The Falkland Islands really are a walker's paradise whether for a challenging mountainous trek or a leisurely stroll across sandy beaches. Whichever you desire, you're assured of a memorable experience in the wilderness with just the incomparable wildlife for company.
  4. Adventure
    A trip to the Falklands is always an adventure. Exploring remote regions in a 4x4, hiking over challenging terrain, rock climbing and kayaking around the extensive coastline are just a selection of the exciting adventures on offer.
  5. Sailing
    Exploring the extensive coastline by yacht, sailing through the turquoise seas is one of the great Falklands' adventures. Yachts can be chartered from local vessel owners and a yachting trip can include landings at many offshore islands.
  6. Fishing
    Fishing in one of the many rivers and estuaries in the Falkland Islands is a true wilderness experience. Brown trout, sea trout and mullet are common species to set your mind to, while enjoying the tranquility and peace all around.
  7. Local Tours
    Local guides are uniquely placed to show you the real Falklands, sharing stories of their lives and imparting their knowledge of the Islands and its resident wildlife. Guided trips can be private or in small groups, in a rugged 4x4 or on foot, or they can be self-guided.
  8. All Year Round
    A visit to the Falklands at other times of the year offers a seasonal perspective - migrating wildlife, wild seas, snow in the mountains and of course, traditional Falkland life at different times of the year.
  9. Eat & Drink
    Hearty, home-cooked and locally sourced produce are characteristics of Falklands' cuisine. The tradition of 'smoko', home-baked cakes, biscuits and other treats piled high and served mid-morning or afternoon, is hard to resist!
  10. Museums
    A visit to one of the Falklands' many museums gives a unique insight into life in the Falklands from times gone by right up to modern day. The Historic Dockyard Museum showcases many artefacts of social and maritime interest and there are several small museums dedicated to the 1982 conflict.
  11. Shopping
    A visit to Stanley would not be complete without spending some time in the shops to take home the perfect reminder of your time in the Falkland Islands.
  12. Seals, Whales and Dolphins
    Sea lions, elephant seals, whales and dolphins proliferate in the seas and bask on the beaches around the Falklands. In this island world, there are no barriers between you and the wildlife - often you may the only visitor in their company, an unforgettable experience.
  13. 1982 Battlefields
    2022 marked the 40th anniversary of the conflict in the Falklands and there are memorials throughout the islands to commemorate those lost during the war. Several museums and cemeteries serve as poignant reminders of this time.

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  1. Add Mount Usborne to your Itinerary

    Mount Usborne

    East Falkland

    At 705 metres (2,312 feet), Mount Usborne is the highest peak in the Falkland Islands. Located in the northern part of East Falkland, it can be reached on a day trip from most settlements. The summit provides excellent views of the surrounding area…

  2. Add HMS Coventry Memorial to your Itinerary

    HMS Coventry Memorial

    Pebble Island

    Located on Pebble Island in the northwest of the archipelago, the HMS Coventry memorial is a simple cross atop a cairn close to First Mountain, west of the settlement. HMS Coventry was attacked by Argentine A-4B Skyhawks on 25th May 1982. She had…

  3. Add Lady Elizabeth Shipwreck to your Itinerary

    Lady Elizabeth Shipwreck


    Lying at the east end of Stanley Harbour is Stanley's most imposing and iconic shipwreck. Known as Lady Liz, the ship was launched ain Sunderland in the UK in 1879 and suffered damage whilst rounding Cape Horn in 1913.  She limped into Stanley for…

  4. Add Weddell Island to your Itinerary

    Weddell Island

    Weddell Island

    Named after a British explorer, Weddell Island is located towards the southwest of the archipelago. It is the largest offshore island and has widely varying terrain from open plains to rocky hills, white sand beaches to sheltered coves.

  5. Add Pioneer Cottages to your Itinerary

    Pioneer Cottages


    Located on Pioneer Row and Drury Street, these cottages were the original colonists' cottages built from 1849 which were brought over in kit form from Britain for the military pensioners who settled on the islands at the time. With the exception of…

  6. Add Narrows Nature Reserve to your Itinerary

  7. Add Fitzroy Memorials to your Itinerary

    Fitzroy Memorials

    Fitzroy, East Falkland

    Fitzroy settlement, on East Falkland, is home to six memorials associated with the 1982 war. Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessels, Sir Galahad and Sir Tristram, were bombed in the waters on 8th June whilst the Welsh Guards were waiting to disembark, with…

  8. Add 1914 Battle Memorial to your Itinerary

    1914 Battle Memorial


    Located to the west of Government House on Ross Road, Stanley, the memorial commemorates the Battle of the Falklands, fought between British and German fleets on 8th December 1914. A figure of Victory faces east, looking out to sea towards the site…

  9. Add HMS Sheffield Memorial to your Itinerary

    HMS Sheffield Memorial

    Sea Lion Island

    Located on a southern cliff on Sea Lion Island in the southeast of the archipelago, a large cross commemorates the sinking of the destroyer, HMS Sheffield, hit by an Exocet missile on 4th May 1982. At the foot of the cross is a small wall protecting…

  10. Add West Point Island to your Itinerary

    West Point Island

    West Point Island

    Originally named Albatross Island, West Point Island is located off the north-west tip of West Falkland and is home to black-browed albatross amongst other birds. The terrain is varied, consisting of dramatic sandstone cliffs, falling away to low…

  11. Add Stanley Golf Club to your Itinerary

    Stanley Golf Club


    The golf course at Stanley Golf Club is one of the most southerly courses in the world, offering a ruggedly beautiful and challenging golfing experience to satisfy even the most proficient golfers who must cope with the brisk Falklands wind.

  12. Add Fox Bay Memorial to your Itinerary

    Fox Bay Memorial

    Fox Bay, West Falkland

    Situated on a flat area looking out to sea, the Fox Bay Memorial was erected in 2007 to commemorate the passage of twenty five years since the Falklands war. Easily reached from Fox Bay East by vehicle or on foot, the memorial is a large cross…

  13. Add Swan Inlet to your Itinerary

    Swan Inlet

    East Falkland

    Located between Darwin and Mount Pleasant Complex, Swan Inlet provides easy fishing opportunities below a bridge, accessible on foot. The estuary is shallow and fishing on a rising tide is both safe and productive.

    Permission to fish should be…

  14. Add North Arm Settlement Museum to your Itinerary

    North Arm Settlement Museum

    North Arm, East Falkland

    North Arm Settlement Museum was established in 2005 by a small group of workers from the Falkland Islands Museum and National Trust. The idea for this excellent little museum, which explores the history of the area and of agriculture, came from…

  15. Add Wireless Ridge Memorial to your Itinerary

    Wireless Ridge Memorial


    Overlooking Stanley from the north, Wireless Ridge was the site of one of the final battles prior to the Argentine surrender in Stanley. 2 Para were given the task of assaulting Wireless Ridge on the night of 13th/14th June 1982. The memorial is a…

  16. Add Gypsy Cove to your Itinerary

    Gypsy Cove

    East Falkland

    At just 6.5 km (4 miles) from Stanley, Gypsy Cove is the most accessible wildlife site from the capital city. It is part of the Cape Pembroke peninsula which is a National Nature Reserve. The small bay with its white sand beach is sheltered from…

  17. Add Ajax Bay to your Itinerary

    Ajax Bay

    East Falkland

    Originally built as a slaughterhouse and refrigeration plant for Falklands’ mutton but then closed when it proved to be economically unviable, the site was used as a field-hospital in the 1982 war between Britain and Argentina. Surgeon Commander…

  18. Add Christ Church Cathedral to your Itinerary

    Christ Church Cathedral


    The most southerly Anglican cathedral in the world, the iconic Christ Church Cathedral was consecrated in 1892 by the first Bishop of the Falkland Islands, Waite Hockin Stirling. This historic building features a cathedral tower with a ring of five…

  19. Add The Frying Pan to your Itinerary

    The Frying Pan

    East Falkland

    Located between Stanley and Mount Pleasant Complex, crossing the main road between the two, The Frying Pan is a fairly wide river with good fishing. Bank access is easy though waders are useful.

    Permission to fish should be sought from the Farm…

  20. Add Bodie Creek Bridge to your Itinerary

    Bodie Creek Bridge

    Located a few miles southwest of Goose Green on East Falkland, Bodie Creek Bridge is believed to be the world’s most southerly suspension bridge. Opened in 1925, the bridge was constructed to shorten the journey time moving sheep from Lafonia, an…