The promise of adventure awaits you on Pebble Island…

Starting in Stanley we head to FIGAS (Falkland Islands Government Air Service).

The small Britten Norman Islander is comfortable but loud so make sure to bring headphones or use the ear plugs provided (you are going to need them). Have your camera ready for some amazing sights and maybe catch a glimpse of a whale from the sky.

Arriving at Pebble you are met by your hosts, either Rikki Evans the owner of Pebble Island Lodge or Dot & Alex Gould owners of The Nest & Markham House.

Today I am staying with Rikki at Pebble Island Lodge, it’s a 15-minute drive from the airstrip to the settlement. You are greeted instantly with teas, coffees, and sweet treats. Rooms are lovely and spacious.

Depending on what time you arrived you may have spare time to take a walk around the settlement and take in the stunning tranquillity and beauty of this Island.

Let the adventure begin…

Today I will be embarking on an 8-hour journey (approx..) around the West side of the Island, I booked in advance a tour with Rikki however, if it is busy in the season you may not be able to get a tour. He will provide you with a car and maps so that you can still go out and have an adventure of your own!

After having a hearty breakfast, I packed up and got ready to go, Rikki will either provide you with a car or you will travel with him. The 2-meter radio will be set up so everyone can communicate to help enhance your experience or just in case you end up bogged!

Some sights you will see along the way include:

The HMS Coventry Memorial

An Argentine Learjet Memorial

Wreckage from an SAS raid that took place in 1982

A Mirage crash site can be explored

Marble Shanty

Wildlife that you may see along the way include:

4 species of Penguins (Rockhoppers, Gentoo, Magellanic and Macaroni)

Southern Giant Petrels

Turkey Vultures

Commerson’s Dolphins

Rock or Imperial Cormorants

Sea Lions



Small birds such as the Falklands Grass Wren or Falklands Thrush

If you are wondering, there was plenty of times to stop and have a snack break. Rikki makes sure to bring you a packed lunch, plenty of biscuits and a flask of hot water for tea and coffee. Plus, on the journey back to the settlement he calls in to make sure that when you get through the door, Smoko is ready for you to enjoy – Who can say no to a homecooked treat!

This side of Pebble has a lot of interest and is perfect to get a feel of what the Island has to offer! If you are a keen photographer, into your wildlife or into the history of the Islands this tour is ideal for you.

Final day in paradise…

Today is the last day before you head back to the busy bustling life in Stanley.

Why not head around to the East side of the Islands today?

Head down to Elephant Bay/Beach – it is the longest beach in the Falklands at 6.4km (4 miles) long.

If you are a keen for adventure, there are plenty of areas to explore such as:

Big Pond & Long Pond

Wreck Point

The Penguin Coast

Tamar Point

Phillips Cove and many more areas to visit.

There is plenty of wildlife to see around these areas, so for those of you who are keen bird watchers this is an ideal area to walk around.

Time to head home…

Prepare for take-off… Back to Stanley you go, heading back you may be inclined to snap a few more pictures as you are likely to stop at a few different settlements to drop off and pick-up people travelling to and from Stanley. From blue and green oceans to the colourful rooftops of Stanley, you finally land at FIGAS bringing your adventure to an end.




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