A birders guide

                          Find out more about the interesting birds located around the Falklands!


Two-banded Plover

The image below is of a juvenile Two-banded Plover. This is a very common visitor along coastal greens, sandy beaches and muddy creeks.

Cobb's Wren

The Cobb's Wren is one of three bird species endemic to the Falkland Islands. It is a vulnerable species restricted to those islands that are free of predators such as mice and rats. It is a curious and friendly bird that will hop around your feet when out on walks!

Crested ducks

Crested ducks are a very beautiful bird. They are commonly found in sheltered bays, coves, and muddy inlets. You can also find them on freshwater ponds near the sea. Crested ducks are usually spotted in threesomes, even when they have small ducklings.

Falkland Grass Wren

The Grass Wren is a tiny bird that is distinguished by its small buff eye strip, pale brown bill, and narrowly barred tail. It can commonly be found in permanently wet areas, thick grass, or along costal dunes and tussac.   

Kelp Goose

These birds can be found around rocky shores, feeding on green and red seaweed.

The male is all white with distinctive bright orange legs compared to his female counterpart who is heavily barred dark brown/black with white beneath.

Magellanic Oystercatcher

This beautiful bird is primarily black but had a white belly, along with its distinctive orange eye and reddish bill. It is a common and widespread bird found around the low-lying coasts and their adjacent slopes.

Blackish Oystercatcher

The Blackish Oystercatcher is the bulkier version of the Magellanic Oystercatcher. The difference is it is all black with a scarlet bill, bright red eye ring and pink legs. It is a widespread resident of the Falklands and it is mainly found around the rocky coasts.

Long-tailed Meadowlark

With its glowing red breast, it is hard to miss this black/brown mottled and barred bird. Widely spread around coastal heathland, settlements and on the lower slopes of hills.

Rufous-Chested Dotterel

With its impressive white headband this small bird can be a fantastic sighting for those keen birders. It can be found in damp grasslands through winter and starts to nest from September through to January

Magellanic Snipe

This small ground loving shorebird is a beautiful resident in the Falkland Islands. With his speckled, sandy buff and long bill they can be hard to spot. Breeding between July and February be careful whilst walking through patches of diddle-dee as they tend to make their well-hidden nests in and amongst them.

Speckled Teal

The smallest of the Falklands ducks is usually seen in small parties or flocks (up to 200 in winter). They are rarely seen alone.

They can be found on ponds, rivers, small streams and sometimes in sheltered coves.

Rock Shag

It is much smaller to the Imperial Shag and although they do look similar the Rock shag has orange/red skin around its eye and is glossy black around it neck as well. They can be seen around cliff edges, sheltered harbours, estuaries, and inshore waters with kelp beds.

Imperial shag

The Imperial shag is the larger of the two residents, it can be identified by its yellow/orange knobs above the base of the bill and its distinctive blue/purple eyes. Breeding colonies are usually associated with Rock-hopper penguins or Black-browed Albatross.

Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vultures are the only Falkland bird with no call, except for a low hissing noise from nestlings and rarely even the adults. They are easily identified with their bright red/pink face and primarily blackish body.




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