With the season ending and the New Year just getting started, I thought it would be a terrific opportunity to talk about the hidden gems of the Falklands. The list is endless, but the one I will be talking about today, a local family run business, which offers a variety of tours. Kidney Cove Tours.

A relatively new venture, they are one of the best tours to book, if you wish to get a hands-on personal tour experience, the chance to see four types of breeding penguins (Gentoo, Magellanic, Rockhopper & Kings), whilst also experiencing the stunning views of the landscape along the way.

From my first-hand experience it was great to see these wonderful creatures, relaxed and in their element, the journey to and from the sites was an experience with splendid views and loads of added extras, like historic sites, a plethora of wildlife asides from penguins and a welcoming and informative guide that rounded of the day trip perfectly.

Overall, it is a great alternative to some of the more mainstream tours and being so close to where most arrived -The Jetty Visitor Centre- it can easily be achieved if your limited to  a day’s stay here in the Falkland Islands.

Its not the only one however, there are many smaller tour providers that can produce exceptional tours all catering to several different ideas in and around the Falkland Islands, so look outside the box and discover some hidden gems.




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