Pebble Island

Pebble Island

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Pebble Island


Named for the attractive, unusual pebbles found on some of the beaches, Pebble Island is situated in the northwest of the archipelago.  The terrain is varied with a chain of rocky peaks, a lakeland area and white sand beaches including the stunning 6.4km (4 miles) long Elephant Beach, the longest in the Falklands. The highest peak is First Mountain at 277m (909 feet). The island is a carefully managed sheep farm. It is an Important Bird Area with Gentoo, Magellanic and Rockhopper penguins; the latter occasionally interspersed with Macaroni penguins. The ponds and lakes in the east are home to waterfowl including the largest concentration of black-necked swans.

Visitor accommodation is available.

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Season (1 Oct 2024 - 31 Mar 2025)

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