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There is something happening in the wildlife world of the Falkland Islands almost all year round. Different months bring a variety of activity amongst the most iconic species of wildlife.

September is the time when Gentoo and Magellanic penguins return to the Islands to begin nest building. Gentoos are great fun to watch, stealing nesting materials from a nearby patch whilst failing to notice their neighbour doing exactly the same from theirs! Enjoy their gentle sounds interspersed with neighbourly quarrels. Listen to the distinctive braying of the Magellanics and see them sunning themselves between collecting for their burrows. Elephant seals also return this month.

October is egg laying time for Gentoo and Magellanic penguins. Rockhopper penguins, breeding King penguins and Black-browed albatross return, the latter laying eggs mid-October. This is one of the best times to see elephant seals as young are born and suckled.

November sees most penguin species and black-browed albatross incubating their eggs. King penguin chicks from the previous year moult and return to sea. Elephant seals mate.

December is egg hatching time for penguins and albatross alike. Elephant seal pups are ashore but adults have departed. Bull sea lions now establish their territories and females arrive at the of the month.

January is the time to see Gentoo and Rockhopper penguins crèche. King penguin colonies have birds at different life stages as their cycle is more than one year. Albatross brood-guard their chicks. A range of fluffy young birds to observe! Elephant seals haul out at the end of the month for their moult. Sealion pups are abundant.

February sees young Magellanic penguins take a tentative look outside the burrow. Look out for them enjoying the late summer sun. Sealion pups form groups but continue to suckle.

March is when most penguin chicks fledge. King penguins are likely to be sharing feeding responsibilities for their young. Sealions haul out.

April and May see many birds depart for the sea or South American coast. Catch final sightings of Magellanic and Rockhopper penguins and Black-browed albatross.

Winter months still provide some wildlife watching opportunities. Around half of Gentoo penguins winter in the Islands. Many small birds also stay year-round.




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