1. Do the Carcass Island – West Point double!  Visit beautiful Carcass Island for magnificent gentoo penguins and fabulous birdlife, then take the Seaquest boat to West Point Island to see the fabulous black-browed albatross and rockhopper penguin colony…and don’t be surprised if you spot a few dolphins on the way!

2. Climb Mount Usborne  Capture the panorama of the Falklands from the top of Mount Usborne, the highest point on the islands.  It’s worthwhile taking a guide with you to make the most of this expedition, as they can show you some relics of the 1982 War on the way up.  Stay at the cosy Darwin House, the perfect place to relax and enjoy a magnificent meal after the long hike.

3. Immerse yourself in the Historic Dockyard Museum  A must-see attraction based in the centre of Stanley.  Discover the history and heritage of the Falkland Islands in this fascinating new museum.  And when you need refreshments, the on-site delicious Teaberry Café is the perfect place to relax.

4. Meet the Bleaker Island Rockhoppers!  Sit amongst the entertaining rockhopper penguins on Bleaker Island, and enjoy long walks across this this gently undulating and easy-to-explore island.  The fabulously comfortable Cassard House and Cobbs Cottage provide the perfect accommodation for this island trip.

5. Walk with Kings at Volunteer Point  Volunteer Point is home to around 3,000 king penguins, and 7,000 gentoo penguins, this long white sandy beach is just about the most perfect setting to enjoy these magnificent birds.  Your camera is going to be very busy!

6. Follow the Selfie Tour of Stanley  Drop into the Jetty Visitor Centre and pick up our Stanley Selfie Trail card, then enjoy an informative stroll around town taking snaps of yourself and some of our most notable landmarks!

7. Discover Pebble Island’s 1982 War History   Famous for the Pebble Island raid in the 1982 war, Pebble Island has plenty of relics from the conflict to keep you interested.  You’ll also find rockhopper, gentoo, Magellanic (and sometimes macaroni) penguins too, the longest beach in the Falklands (4 miles), and plenty of walking trails.

8. Take the Ferry to Port Howard   Experience some local life and take the ferry from Newhaven in East Falkland across the Falkland Sound to Port Howard in West Falkland.  Stay overnight in this pretty settlement.  If you’ve got the time, use this as the launch point to explore West Falklands.  Head south to Port Stephens for beautiful scenery, fabulous walks, and exceptional wildlife.

9. Marvel at the Elephant Seals on Sea Lion Island Nature Reserve  There is something wonderfully relaxing about settling down in the sand dunes watching these huge creatures grunting below you!  95% of the Falkland Islands population of elephant seals live on Sea Lion Island.  You’ll also see sea lions, which breed on the coast, and killer whales are frequently observed,

10. Stay at The Neck on Saunders Island   One of the ultimate getaways!  Stay for a few nights at The Neck on Saunders Island and all you’ll be sharing it with will be the penguins, other birdlife, and the peace and tranquillity that pervades over this very special spot.




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