If you live in the northern hemisphere (and most of you reading this do!) getting away from the dark evenings, cold days and endless cloud and rain can be a real treat.  Why not turn the world on its head, and head to the Falklands?  It’s on the same latitude south as the UK is north!  Say hello to long sunny evenings, blue skies and that smell of summer meadows.  For us, 21st December is mid-summer!

1. Relax!

Visiting the Falklands is all about getting away from it all.  You won’t be competing with other tourists - we only get around 2,000 overnight visitors a year!  So you immediately become an adventurer, an explorer who is welcomed as a long lost friend.  And you’ll have no shortage of stories to tell your friends when you get back home!

2. One Million Penguins

Whilst many of our penguins stay all year round, they are most active between November and February, when the chicks are hatching and the young are starting to explore beyond their nests.  Without doubt, these lovable birds provide some of the best entertainment in the animal kingdom, and you’ll have them all to yourself.

3. Island Hop

The Falklands is made up of over 700 islands.  OK, many of these are uninhabited, but there’s plenty that are, usually with a population of less than 10 people, so you can rest assured your welcome with be personal and special.  Island hop on our little eight-seater planes that pick you up on demand, and take you where you want to go, usually stopping off en-route on other islands, so you get a scenic flight thrown in for free!

4. Vast White Sandy Beaches

Have you ever wanted to walk for miles on white sand, with no one else in sight, watching penguins hop in and out of the water, spotting dolphins and whales with ease, and stepping amongst hundreds of grunting elephant seals?  You’ll be spoilt for choice in the Falklands. On every island you’ll find your own favourite beach where you’ll want to return again and again…especially at sunrise and sunset.

5. Embrace Our History

Our fascinating history spans centuries of shipwrecks, famous visitors, farming traditions, maritime adventures, and of course the events of the 1982 war.  And there’s no one better to tell these stories than a Falkland Islander.  You’ll find plenty to discover everywhere you go.




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