If you’re in Stanley for a few days, it’s worth climbing at least one of the surrounding hills for a historical and visual perspective that is different from being in the town.  Here is a quick guide to walking the mountains and battlefields around Stanley.

Chances are your trip to the Falklands will start or end in Stanley, our tiny but friendly capital.  After spending time out in camp (everywhere outside of Stanley) where the population of most settlements is around 20 or less, Stanley feels positively bustling!  There’s souvenir shopping to be done, and pubs and restaurants to be visited for delicious meals and chatting with the locals.  But some of the most fascinating places are in the hills around Stanley, with remains of the 1982 conflict and magnificent views across the town and distant bays.

There’s five great walks to do, ranging from around one hour (Mount Harriet) to one day (the Pilgrimage Route).  We’ve provided a few notes on each below, but drop into the Jetty Visitor Centre in Stanley before setting off, and pick up our leaflet with maps, photos and more detailed information.

1. Mount Longdon (2.5 hours)

A relatively easy hill walk with fantastic views at the summit where there are a number of memorials for the 1982 conflict. Look carefully along the track on the way up for 1982 war debris and a model of the planet Neptune (part of a solar system walk!)

2. Mount Tumbledown (1.5 hours)

The route to the summit passes the remains of an Argentine field kitchen from the 1982 war, and remnants of a quarry including a Falklands railway line.  Stanley school children run this route as an annual event – the record was set in 1994 at 15 minutes 1 second!  Look out or teaberries en-route – very tasty!

3. Two Sisters (2 hours)

These iconic hills are an impressive view from Stanley.  To reach the summits involves steep climbs and scrambling.  Look out for the memorial between the two hills commemorating 45 Commando.  There is also a memorial at the southern-most summit.

4. Mount Harriet (1 hour)

This is a steep but satisfying walk to the beautiful memorial cross situated in the middle of the summit ridge of Mount Harriet.  Make sure you allow time at the top to relax and explore.  You may end up crossing one of the famous Falklands stone runs on the way up (depending on your route). These are tricky to cross, but walking poles can provide great assistance!

5. The Pilgrimage Route

This exhilarating walk is by far the most challenging, incorporating all four peaks: Longdon, Tumbledown, Two Sisters, and Harriet.  Choose a long summer day for this one and enjoy some of the most exhilarating views on the planet!




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