We’ve been tracking a number of trends in travel and tourism over the last year, and have noticed that we’re at the leading edge of a lot of them!  Here’s a quick round up.

Under Tourism – visiting unusual or far-flung destinations enjoying immersive experiences with people, places and culture.  Visiting the Falklands is all about getting off the beaten track. With around 2,000 overnight tourists a year, every visitor is made to feel special.  And whilst homestay accommodation is a new concept in many countries, in the Falklands we just about invented this type of hospitality.

Slow Travelthe slow traveller takes time to explore each destination thoroughly and to experience the local culture.  The Falklands must be the ultimate slow travel destination.  Our airline doesn’t even have a timetable – we’ll come and collect you and drop you off where you want when we’re ready (but of course we’ll look after you royally!).  Most places you’ll visit have a population of less than 10 – perfect for getting to know everyone and slotting into local life!

Wellness and Health – beach holidays are out, activity and exercise breaks are in.  We don’t do spas or gyms, but we do something better – wide-open spaces with some of the cleanest air on the planet.  Make the Falklands your playground – walk, climb, cycle, kayak and take in the magnificent scenery and inquisitive wildlife, across 700 islands, coves and inlets.  Get out and feel invigorated!

Eco travelhaving a greater awareness of the impact of travel on the environment.  We take the environment seriously – for future generations and because tourism in the Falklands is based on our land and the wildlife that inhabit it.  That’s why we developed the Green Seal Scheme to award those businesses that are environmentally aware and are taking positive steps to ensure their impact on it is as small as possible.  Look out for the logo when you book!




  1. ILoveFL
    I'm really eager to know Falklands landscapes and talk to people there. I imagine silence, mostly. And the sound of nature, the knowledge that a different way of life can be achieved.

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