We all want to get back out there and explore this beautiful planet, and we hope that 2021 will be the year to deliver all our travel plans and dreams!  Fortunately, in the Falkland Islands we are leading a fairly normal life. So here are five reasons why you should choose the Falklands as your 2021 Island adventure.

1) Penguins...With around one million penguins making the Falklands their home between November and February, and some staying all year round, seeing all these loveable creatures is a perfect reason to come and visit, especially as you will have them all to yourself most of the time.

2) History...The Falklands is rich in history ranging from: shipwrecks, maritime adventures, the farming culture, a famous visitor or two, and of course the 1982 War. You are likely to find yourself being immersed in Falklands culture, and there is no one better to hear all these stories from than the islanders themselves.

3) Outdoor activities...The Falklands is a unique place with plenty of activities to keep you busy outdoors. So why not challenge yourself with a hike up Mount Usborne (the highest point on the Islands)? If you aren’t keen on that then why not take a tour around the Islands with one of our local guides, giving you the chance to see wildlife, memorials, wreckages and more.

4) Food and Dining...When visiting the Falklands don’t expect to see McDonalds or Tesco! Instead we have some local supermarkets and restaurants only found here in the Falklands. We do have cafes, pubs and fine dining restaurants that serve a variety of local foods such as lamb, squid, goose and various locally sourced berries.

5) The weather...The Falklands is renowned for having unpredictable weather, with the chance of having all four seasons in one day, or snow one day and sunshine the next. You just never know what to expect so when booking make sure you bring your waterproofs, and a bottle of sunscreen for those hot days.


Spring: September/October/November

Summer: December/January/February

Autumn: March/April/May

Winter: June/July/August




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    Thank you for sending out the newsletter, I appreciate that I signed up for it and am receiving it. I was wondering if you could link to a place where we could get travel packages and deals to go to the Falkland Islands.
  2. socoroma66
    Muy interesante Boletin que permite conocer en produndidad la vida en la Isla. Me pueden indicar como conectar con una agencia de viajes?? atentamente

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