The promise of adventure awaits you on Carcass Island…

Starting in Stanley we head to FIGAS (Falkland Islands Government Air Service) to get in the little red plane, if you were listening carefully you would have heard your name being called out on the local radio. The small Britten Norman Islander is comfortable but loud so make sure to bring headphones or use the ear plugs provided (you are going to need them). Have your camera ready for some amazing sights and maybe catch a glimpse of a whale from the sky.

Arriving at Carcass you are met by your host, the hospitable Rob McGill who will take you to your accommodation, make sure you are all settled in and provide you with any help you may need. Spare time? Why not take a walk around the settlement and take in the stunning tranquillity and beauty of this Island.


Let the adventure begin…

Its day two and it’s time to start the adventure. After breakfast, get the bags packed for the day ahead. We are going to travel to the South end of the Islands towards Leopards Beach.

Rob should have dropped off the rugged 4x4 vehicle that will help you take on the bumpy road ahead. Taking a drive down through the settlement and then out through the gates you then head out on the track.

On your journey you will pass by Johnny Rooks (Striated Caracaras) and Magellanic penguins on your journey. Make sure you take the time to stop down at Dyke Bay to watch the Gentoo penguins come up through the ‘penguin highway’. Carrying on towards Leopards Beach make sure to be careful when walking as Magellanic’s do burrow down in the ground, once getting on to the beach you will see both Magellanic and Gentoo penguins as well as the inquisitive little Tussac bird (recently been identified as an endemic species).

The endemic Cobb’s Wren, Falklands Skuas and maybe even a South American Tern flying around at Needles point (this area is off limits for people as South American Terns are vulnerable to disturbance). To finish off the trip drive back down towards the airstrip and head towards the North Point and go to see the magnificent Elephant seals basking in the sun. They are impressive animals but make sure to stay out of their way when they start to fight, albeit this is a fantastic time to get that once in a lifetime photo!


All aboard the SEAQUEST…

This bright little yellow boat will be your ride for the day, hop on board and begin your journey to West Point.

The views will amaze you on this journey so make sure you have your sea legs in check don’t want to miss it. As we head out to sea, you will be able to see the Rock Cormorants flying high, penguins swimming, dolphins playing in the surf coming from the back of the boat and if you are lucky a spot of whale watching! As we start to approach West Point you will be able to see the magnificent Black-Browed Albatross flying overhead or diving into the water to grab a tasty treat.

Once docking up at West point you can explore around the beach before heading to the Black-Browed Albatross and Rockhopper penguin colonies. There are the options to walk to the colonies following a clearly marked out track or to take the Land Rover provided and swap with another group once there.

Spend the day watching the cheeky little Rockhoppers climb their way up to their nests, pushing through all the albatross unbothered by their presence. Or watch the young albatross wait eagerly for their parents to return at feeding times, you will also see the Striated Caracaras running around being nosey and picking things from the nests to take home to their own nests. Once you have spent the day looking at these majestic animals it’s time to head back down to the boat and head back to Carcass to relax for the rest of the day.


Time for a rest…

After arriving back take a stroll along the beach or pop around the settlement before heading home to pack up everything ready for your flight the next day.

Prepare for take-off… Back to Stanley you go, heading back you may be inclined to snap a few more pictures as you are likely to stop at a few different settlements to drop off and pick-up people travelling to and from Stanley. From blue and green oceans to the colourful rooftops of Stanley, you finally land at Stanley Airport bringing your adventure to an end.





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