Off to the West…

The West Falklands is a beautiful place to visit, with its rugged hills and scenic coastlines to the variety of wildlife. It allows you to get away from the busy town and lets you take that breath of fresh air you probably didn’t realise you needed! The West has so much to offer, it is easily accessible via the Concordia Bay Ferry Service or FIGAS.

There is a variety of settlements and farms on the West. Accommodation providers usually greet you at the airstrips and are more than happy to help you arrange trips to further locations or points of interests such as penguin rookeries.

Let’s have a look at the accommodations on the West…

Port Howard This is one of the first stops you may “choose” if you go across to the West via the ferry. It has historical significance and there is a small museum with artefacts from the 1982 war. If you are interested in fishing then you’re in luck as there are many places to fish – ask for local advice - or maybe you prefer hiking? Mount Maria is one of the highest peaks on the West at 658m.

  • Port Howard Lodge is an ideal location to visit if you want to experience something of the traditional ‘camp’ lifestyle. There are old fixtures that have been in the house since it was built. It is perfectly located to explore the farm, or take a tour to the nearby penguin rookeries.

Fox Bay this location is beautiful to visit. It makes for an ideal spot to go fishing and you can always ask for local advice on the best spots to go.

  • Coast Ridge Cottage is a beautiful accommodation for a weekend getaway located at Fox Bay East. It has a fully equipped kitchen, large garden area and is close to the club and store. The Post Office Museum is also located in Fox Bay East so make sure to pay a visit and learn about our postal history.

  • Black Shanty House is located at Fox Bay West. It is a traditional styled house and is a perfect location for a few days of relaxation. Why not go and explore the amazing scenes and wildlife that reside all around such as Fox Bay Mountain and the penguin rookery?

Hill Cove is located along the north coast, allowing you to look out at Keppel, Pebble and Saunders Island. The hills of Hornby Range are to the south. Mount Adam is the highest peak on the West at 700m high and the view is worth the effort once you reach the top. Or maybe you might want to explore the largest forest in the Falklands.

  • The 3Cs is self-catering accommodation. It is a beautiful modern house with 7 bedrooms and sleeps 18. It has perfect lounging facilities and can be an ideal destination for large groups

Port Edgar Located at the South-East corner of the West, it’s the ideal location if you are wanting to experience the farm lifestyle, take the chance to visit when the season is right for shearing and maybe you can get a lesson or to from the experts. Alternatively,  take a walk and Edgar Ridge and enjoy the amazing sights and sounds. If you are lucky you may see a whale-blow out at sea.

  • Meolwyn Cottage offers beautiful costal walks and views. It has a variety of wildlife to see but is also and ideal place to just get away and relax. There are marked out paths to drive around area




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