Day 1 -Thursday - Arriving in the Falklands: 1 night

On arrival you will be met by your local host/tour guide and transferred to Stanley – Approximately 2,500 people live in the Falklands capital – where you will be shown to your accommodation for the night.

You will have some free time to go out on your own independent exploration. Visit Gypsy cove or Yorke Bay. If you are interested in the Falklands history why not visit the local museum or head to the local shops to collect a few souvenirs.

Overnight at Malvina House Hotel or similar – Port Stanley (Incl. Breakfast and dinner)

Day 2 – Friday – Flight to Sea Lion Island: 2 nights

Sea Lion is a natural paradise with wildlife right on the doorstep!

At Sea Lion you will see three types of penguins, Cormorant colonies, the largest colony of the world’s largest pinniped - Elephant seals – it is also a really good location to see Orcas, as they usual prey upon young pups throughout the summer.

Overnight at Sea Lion Lodge, Sea Lion Island. (Incl. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) (Guide)

Day 3 – Saturday – Sea Lion Island:

The low-lying Island is ideal for exploring - at five miles long and over a mile wide at its widest point. It has stunning sandy beaches, high rocky cliffs and Tussac grass covering one fifth of the Island, providing protection for varied fauna and mammals including elephant seals so make sure to watch your step!

There is an amazing variety of birds for you to look out for as well ranging from; the Striated Caracara, Magellanic Snipes, Cormorants and of course three different varieties of penguins (Gentoo, Southern Rockhoppers and Magellanic) and if you are lucky you may see a Macaroni penguin!

Overnight at Sea Lion Lodge, Sea Lion Island. (Incl. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) (Guide)

Day 4 – Sunday – Flight from Sea Lion to Darwin: 1 night

Around mid-day you will arrive at Darwin settlement.

You will be able to check into your accommodation before going out to look around the settlement.

Darwin, Goose Green and San Carlos are best known for their involvement during the 1982 war between the British and Argentine. These 3 locations all have memorials to those fallen, Darwin is the site of the Argentine memorial, San Carlos holds the British memorial and Goose green has a small museum.

Overnight at Darwin House, Darwin. (Incl. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) (Guide)

Day 5 – Monday – Flight from Darwin to Carcass Island: 2 nights

You will be catching a flight from Darwin to Carcass Island. You will be greeted by the host at the strip who will then take you down to the lodge which will be your base for the next two days.

You will be able to get around most of the Island by foot but if you want to explore more a 4x4 vehicle is available. There is a variety of wildlife ranging from Magellanic and Gentoo penguins, Sea Lions, Elephant seals and a variety of birds such as the Striated Caracara, King Cormorants, and the Endemic Cobb’s Wren.

Overnight at Carcass Lodge, Carcass Island (Incl. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) (Guide)

Day 6 – Tuesday – Trip to West Point:

Todays activities are optional but if you are interested in seeing Black-Browed Albatross then the short Ferry ride across to West Point is truly worth it. (Weather permitting).

The journey to West point will allow you too see Dolphins and the potential Sei whale, as well as a variety of penguins, Cormorants, and other birds. Once arriving at West Point you can choose to follow the markers up to the ‘Devils Nose’ which is the main nesting site for the Black-Browed Albatross and Rockhopper penguins.

Those of you who are keen bird watchers can spend most of your trip watching these majestic, yet clumsy birds go back and forth feeding their chicks. There will also be the chance to see Skewers and Straited Caracara who spend time around the nests.

You can choose to head back down to the beach and explore around the penguin colony or look for a seal or two. There is also a variety of birds around the waters edge such as the Black-Crowned Night Heron, Magellanic Oystercatchers, teal ducks, and penguins.

Upon your return to Carcass, you can have a final wander around down to the beach, up to the hills to take in the views or take a seat and enjoy the home-made treats!

Overnight at Carcass Lodge, Carcass (Incl. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) (Guide)

Day 7 – Wednesday – Flight back to Stanley & a trip to Volunteer Point: 1 night

You will catch an early flight back to Stanley, then head out to Volunteer Point. It’s around a 2hr trip in a 4x4 vehicle. Volunteer beach is a stunning 2 miles stretch of white sand and grassy banks!

The area provides shelter and habitats 3 species of penguins – Gentoo, Magellanic and the main sight, the King penguin- as well as Terns, Skuas, Gulls, Oystercatchers, and plenty more!

Volunteer Point is home to the largest breeding group of King penguins in the Island, did you know that the King penguin breeding cycle takes longer than a year, meaning a pair can only rear two chicks in any three-year period! King penguin chicks were once classified as a separate species of penguin, due to their size and fluffiness compared to their sleek, grey, and yellow look when they are a fully fledged adult.

After returning from Volunteer Point you will have the rest of the afternoon to wind down.

Overnight at Malvina House Hotel or similar – Port Stanley (Incl. Breakfast and dinner)

Day 8 – Thursday - Flight from Mt. Pleasant:

Today you will have most of the morning to go at your own leisure, explore some of your surroundings and common wildlife.

After you will be transferred back to Mt. Pleasant to catch your flight.

Incl. (Breakfast) (Guide)




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