If you are visiting the Falklands you will usually be met by your local host/tour guide and transferred to Stanley – Approximately 2500 people live in the Falklands capital – where you will be shown to your accommodation for the duration of your stay. You will have some free time to go out on your own independent exploration. Visit Gypsy cove or Yorke Bay. If you are interested in the Falklands history why not visit the local museum or head to the local shops to collect a few souvenirs.

Day Trips

 Volunteer Point.

It’s around a 2hr trip in a 4x4 vehicle. Volunteer beach is a stunning 2 miles stretch of white sand and grassy banks!

The area provides shelter and habitats 3 species of penguins – Gentoo, Magellanic and the main sight, the King penguin- as well as Terns, Skuas, Gulls, Oystercatchers, and plenty more!

Volunteer Point is home to the largest breeding group of King penguins in the Island, did you know that the King penguin breeding cycle takes longer than a year, meaning a pair can only rear two chicks in any three-year period! King penguin chicks were once classified as a separate species of penguin, due to their size and fluffiness compared to their sleek, grey, and yellow look when they are a fully-fledged adult.

Cape Pembrooke

The Cape Pembrooke area is a beautiful place to take a stroll, see a variety of wildlife and see the lighthouse, it is located on the most easterly point of the Falklands.

Be careful during the summer months as Sea Lions are often seen lazing around in the Tussac. It is very popular spot for Whales specifically the Sei-Whale. It is also a good spot to see a lot of sea birds and the occassional kayaker.

Kidney Island

Named for its shape, Kidney Island is located just a few miles from Stanley It is and 'Important Bird Area' - birdlife includes Magellanic and Rockhopper penguins, Cobb’s wren and tussac birds. One of the most spectacular experiences is as dusk falls when thousands of sooty shearwaters return to their nests.

Exploring the Camp

The term camp refers to everywhere outside of Stanley.

Darwin, Goose Green and San Carlos are best known for their involvement during the 1982 war between the British and Argentine. These 3 locations all have memorials to those fallen, Darwin is the site of the Argentine memorial, San Carlos holds the British memorial and Goose green has a small museum.

If you stick around the islands long enough you may be able to enjoy some of the local events held at camp such as:

  • Shearing events
  • Two-nighters
  • Sports week
  • Christmas races

Off to the West

If you are wanting to visit the West you can get there via the ferry or FIGAS

Port Howard

Port Howard is an attractive sheep farming settlement, it has plenty for you to do and keep you busy. From farming to fishing, walking to wildlife, along with memorabilia of Falklands social history and the 1982 war. It’s a charming place to spend a relaxing night or more.

You could also look into:

  • Social & war history
  • Climb Mount Maria
  • You can also receive guided tours to the penguin rookery

Fox bay

Fox Bay East and Fox Bay West are situated either side of the harbour. It is an ideal little getaway and there are many activities and attractions in the immediate surroundings and the central location of the settlements makes this an ideal base for exploration of nearby nature areas.

  • Visit the Post Office Museum.
  • The memorials commemorating the occupation of 1982
  • Try your hand at fishing

Lets go explore the Islands

Carcass Island

Carcass Island is a true gem. The island has been a sheep farm for more than a century, but due to careful management it is rich in wildlife with songbirds, waterfowl, Magellanic and gentoo penguins and elephant seals. Sealions and dolphins are often seen. Fur seals can occasionally be found in the tall tussac grass.

Pebble Island

Pebble Island has something for everyone - a huge variety of birdlife, great hiking opportunities and fascinating war history.

The eastern end of the island is heathland with low cliffs and ponds, which are home to waterfowl and wading-birds including Black-necked swans. Whereas the western end is hilly, with three main peaks. First Mountain is the highest at 277m, Middle Peak is 214m and Marble Mountain 237m. This small chain makes an excellent walking route, in one or both directions depending on your level of fitness and how much you want to take in.

Sea Lion

It is a natural paradise with wildlife right on the doorstep!

At Sea Lion you will see three types of penguins, Cormorant colonies, the largest colony of the world’s largest pinniped - Elephant seals – it is also a really good location to see Orcas, as they usual prey upon young pups throughout the summer.




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